Sharing Your Art

It's easy to forget how much art is out there is present in our lives. People consume art all day long, through listening to it on their phones, by hanging it on their walls, by looking at it in public places. It's everywhere. But when it's your art that's on view, and it's been a while since you've put it out there, it can be both really exciting and also really terrifying. 

The Majas of Zorongo and a few other artists are creating new flamenco theater pieces through a workshop held at Zorongo Flamenco by our director, Susana DiPalma. I could safely say that half of the women in the workshop have never created their own dance work, or at least have not done it in quite some time. But, we all showed something over the weekend, and it was really surprising what many of us could accomplish in two weeks time. Some of us, including myself, have taught ourselves to edit music, or have had to become our own costumers, or have come up with new steps in the process. 

It's not easy though. We have all expressed doubts on whether we can really create something that we're proud of. I know that I often stop myself from trying something because I think, it's been done, or, no one's going to think that's interesting, or, what am I trying to say here exactly. But doing this as a group let's me see that we've all had those thoughts. We are all experiencing self doubt, and have fear and anxiety even when we are just showing our pieces to each other. One would think our friends would be the most forgiving audience, but sometimes they make us the most nervous because they're the ones that will be the most honest with us. But, what a blessing to have that opportunity to face that honest opinion! I'm really glad I can get those nervous feelings out in front of friends.

It has been a while since I've considered calling myself a choreographer. I've always considered myself an artist, and have dabbled in many forms of creation. But, even while in college taking composition classes, I've always struggled with calling myself a choreographer. I've always considered myself a performer, entertainer, singer, musician, even a textile artist. But it's rare I include "Choreographer" in the labeling process. After the last couple of weeks, and maybe in the next three weeks, I'll feel confident enough to add that title. 

I take comfort in seeing my friends go through the same struggles and successes that I do in this workshop. It's nice to hear them speak about things they like but also things that I can improve. It breaks me out of my bubble of feeling like an island in the process of creation. I'm very grateful for the eyes on my piece, but even more grateful to those who have given time to my creation process, by helping me record sounds, or learn choreography, or even to help bring costume pieces. On top of this, it makes me want to give more as a performer to the choreographers I work for because I remember how much work goes into these pieces!

So, friends (because let's be honest, that's probably who is reading this right now), keep up the good work. Know that I am excited and proud of you, even if you don't feel that for yourself right now! KEEP GOING! YOU CAN DO IT!

Can't wait to see our finished work in three weeks!