Post-Wedding: Why Artists Are Great Wedding Planners

I was married on July 15th, two weeks ago. I have spent the last year planning ahead for it, and in many ways it was basically like planning a production. Except involving all of your family and friends. 

No wonder people lose their minds planning their weddings, and decide to elope! I'm grateful that I'm an artist and have produced my own show. I know many people are sad when the excitement ends and they have to go back to normal life. Luckily, my life is anything but normal, and I always have productions to look forward to. This production will be one for the books, however :). It is definitely something I'll always hold dear.

I survived with my sanity, and it was really wonderful. The best thing about my wedding is that everyone pitched in to help. It took a leap of faith but everyone absolutely made it happen. The photo below is me, dancing my Wedding Alegria, choreographed by my teacher Susana DiPalma, accompanied by good friend Ben Abrahamson who wrote a little theme just for this dance for us, and performed with the help/hindrance of strong winds coming off of Snail Lake, which is behind me down the hill from the pavilion. 

I was nervous about the day in general, but boy was I nervous about performing a 9 minute solo dance in front of my husband mere hours after we were married, as a complete surprise to him and to many. But I did it! It has made me realize that I'm capable of things I set my mind to, and that I shouldn't be so afraid of things not working out. As long as I plan, and lay the groundwork, I can make great things happen.

I'll carry this into the next year as I begin to choreograph again, and put myself out there. But for now, you can enjoy the photo of me, the wind, my husband, and my friends and family.  


Photography by  Lauren Baker Photography