In The Trenches


Otherwise known as "I can't, I have rehearsal"...

What does it mean to be "in the trenches"?

As I prepare to perform in two shows opening in June, and prep to show my own work in July and August. I've imagined myself in m own trench. I'm focused on what's in front of me. There isn't much to report, because the excitement of getting there has happened, and the battle hasn't begun. You're just there, doing the work, preparing for the day when it pays off. Stories of being in the trenches aren't that impressive. You're just.... there.... in the trenches. No one really wants to see photos of you in the trenches, because they'd be of you in rehearsal clothes in a dark room. 

I might sound like I don't like the trenches. But, that's not true. This is my fellow artist warriors build camaraderie and trust. We learn each other's languages, and habits, and guilty pleasures. We see each other on good days and not so good days. It's where you find your dance family and realize you see these people more often than your actual family. I'm OK with this. In fact, being in the trenches is what I do best. Performances are fun, but the trenches are LIFE.

Lately, I've been very inspired by my fellow artists who make that commitment to step into the trenches every day, whether it's going to class, making rehearsal time for just yourself, or showing up to your regular rehearsals  whatever gets the work done. Keep it up, artist warriors. You're amazing. Being in the trenches with you all is an honor. 

And to my non-artist friend, I haven't forgotten you. Don't forget to write!

Molly Stoltz