Reflecting on 2018

2018 was quite the year. Over the year, I have been reflecting each month on the lessons that I’ve learned and the things I am grateful for. Instead of keeping it to myself, this year I thought I’d share.

Advice from self:

Get a massage and chiropractic appointment each month. Some months are about making small steps, not big ones. Stuff isn’t important. Adults are responsible for themselves, and I am not responsible for them (most of the time). Three shows is too many shows (oops too late for 2019). I like alone time and plants. They make me happy. It is ok to take time off. Listen to people’s stories and ask good questions. Get out and have fun! Say yes and then figure it out (thanks Ellen Keane). Stretch before and after class and rehearsal.

Things I’m grateful for:

The time I have. My kitties. My dance companies. People who understand me. My parents. My home. My coworkers. My body workers. For evenings off. For being a year older. For my brain and my body.

In looking forward to 2019, I know that I have one do and one don’t. First, travel is one of my top priorities. Trips already planned are to New Orleans, LA, to South Dakota for my brother’s wedding, and to Anchorage, AK, to meet my husband’s mother for the first time. I hope to plan other trips as well. As for the don’t, I don’t want to spend all day at a screen. This means making more time to be outside, to dance in a studio, to read a book, or to take a bath without my phone nearby. So, that means I’m going to wrap up this blog today so we can all get out and enjoy ourselves!

But, don’t be afraid to share what you’re grateful for, what you’ve learned from your past year, and what you want to accomplish this 2019!

Molly Stoltz