Molly Kay Stoltz


Molly Kay Stoltz is a Minneapolis-based Dancer/Musician, known for her ability to span genres, from jazz to flamenco, from tap  to American vernacular social dance, and moves between the roles of performer, improviser, and choreographer. Her focus is on building connections throughout the artistic community of the Twin Cities, and loves connecting artists across mediums and genres.  

Since 2013, she has worked with Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theater as a proud member of the Majas Program under Susana DiPalma. She joined Joe Chvala's Flying Foot Forum in 2015, and Kaleena Miller Dance in 2017. She has presented her own choreography at venues such as Bryant Lake Bowl's 9X22 Dance Lab, at the Off-Leash Area Art Box, at the old Bedlam Lowertown, and through the Zenon Zone Summer Program. In 2018 she became a tap instructor at Ballare Teatro Performing Arts Center.